Safety is integrated in the basic functions of business for ICON Materials.  With every decision and step of a project, safety is always considered.  ICON uses many different processes to accomplish this:  TRACK forms, Safety Leadership Teams, Weekly Toolboxes and 5S to name a few.  Depending on which location, we are governed by both WISHA and MSHA and work closely with the agencies to provide the best and safest programs around.  We have a full time Safety Director who supports all managers, supervisors and employees to create a dynamic safety culture.  ICON Materials has received accolades from the Port of Seattle, AGC and other groups for our progressive safety program.  We will continue to strive to be on the cutting edge of safety and provide an environment where everyone goes home in the same condition they arrived.

For more info on the safety program, call Kenny Marsh at 253-981-6306.

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